Dienstag, 11.09.2001 Bluesbound



Einlaß 19.30 Uhr
Beginn 20.30 Uhr
Eintritt frei

Heinz Lentzen
Mikel Bluni
Thomas Wittig
Die Band "Bluesbound" wird heute den TOPOS BLUESCLUB mit Rock und Blues eröffnen. Im Anschluß wird eine offene Session den Abend (Ende offen) beschliessen.

Informationen zur Band:
In cold October 2000, Heinz Lentzen and Mikel Bluni had somehow a meeting on the internet, finding their addresses being published on a webpage for musicians who seek bandmates.
The next day Mikel called Heinz and told him about his intentions to form a rock and blues oriented trio. As the two did not know each other they made an appointment for the next week. After having some couple cups of café au lait and beer (nice mixture), they discovered that they have the same musical flavour and decided to form a group.
But still there was a drummer missing......
Before starting to rehearse, Heinz and Mikel met again on a Popa Chubbyconcert. (great concert by the way). Here it was that Heinz told Mikel about an excellent drummer named Thomas Wittig whom he knew from his days with the Shotgun Boogie Band. As Thomas just recently became father to a little girl, Heinz was not absolutely sure whether Thomas would join the band or not, although the sound Mikel and Heinz had in mind would definitively be the one Thomas would love to play!!!!!!
Mr Wittig could not deny, hearing the whole story and joined the first rehearsal, which turned out to be a lot of fun and understanding from the first notes on.
Since that misterious October 2000 the three have been working on songs and decided one month later to call the trio "Bluesbound"!
Don´t miss to listen to the musicfiles that feature four of their own songs out of an already stage compatible program.

Das Projekt „topos Bluesclub“ findet regelmäßig jeden 2. Dienstag im Monat statt. Initiator ist neben dem Jazz Lev e.V. der Leverkusener Blues-Gitarrist Andreas Ruckes, moderieren und organisieren wird den Bluesclub der Burscheider Blues-Gitarrist Wolfgang Wetzel.

Das Projekt richtet sich an alle Blues Interessierten - Musiker und vor allem auch Zuhörer -, die Lust auf einen Blues-Abend in weithin bekannten topos haben.

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